Living in Hawaii

November 30, 2016
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Living in Hawaii

13 Benefits of Living In Hawaii

Sometimes, when we spend too much time without leaving Hawaii, we get island fever – either the islands feel too small, or we experience sun guilt for wanting to stay inside on a Sunday. These are the times where we need to cast aside our negative feelings and think about the many positive benefits of living in Hawaii, the things we should never take for granted.

1. Hawaii residents are not only happier, but less stressed out, than our American friends on the mainland.

Photo Credit: Alpha 2008/Flickr

2. With temperatures hovering at approximately 80 degrees year-round, it isn’t necessary to catch the weather forecast every morning.

Photo Credit: Royce Bair/Flickr

You might want to check the surf report if you’re headed to the beach, though.

3. In Hawaii, there is little emphasis placed on material objects and money.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Trumball/Flickr

4. From lush, green jungles to sweeping panoramic views of the Pacific, you won’t find better scenery anywhere in the country.

Photo Credit: Alex Schwab/Flickr

5. Everyday is casual Friday in Hawaii – in most offices, at least.

Photo Credit: Little Maiba/Flickr

6. The aloha spirit surrounds you – and has a phenomenally positive impact on your everyday life, at least for most people.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chandra/Flickr

7. There is never any need to pay for a gym membership with such incredible access to water sports, and some of the best hiking in the country.

Photo Credit: Marvin Chandra/Flickr

8. Hawaii residents place a great deal of value in spending time with friends and family.

Photo Credit: Rusty Zipper/Flickr

9. From active volcanoes and rainforests to sea cliffs and pristine beaches, you will never run out of places to explore on Hawaii’s six inhabitable islands.

Photo Credit: David Schroeder/Flickr

10. With a unique history and incredible diversity, Hawaii is truly a cultural melting pot – and it shows in nearly every aspect of life in the islands.

Photo Credit: Nils Merker/Flickr

11. And that cultural diversity makes for some incredible culinary options, too. Where else will you find loco moco, poke, malasadas, shave ice and spam musubi?

Photo Credit: Ryan Ozawa/Flickr

12. As Hawaii residents, we have both the privilege of living in America, with all the perks of not actually living in the continental states.

Photo Credit: Simon Clancy/Flickr

13. Oh, and we all know that Hawaiian sunrises, sunsets and rainbows are undeniably second to none.

Photo Credit: Chris Chabot/Flickr

There are undoubtedly at least one hundred more benefits to Hawaii life we haven’t included on this list, so please, share your favorite benefits of living in Hawaii.

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